MotorScrubber MS2000 8" Battery Scrubbing Cleaning Machine

MotorScrubber MS2000 8" Battery Scrubbing Cleaning Machine
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Short Description

If you are looking for a compact, lightweight machine with the ease of use that comes with battery power, then the Motorscrubber MS2000 is something to seriously consider.

The MototScrubber Cleans:

  • Swimming Pools & Boat Hulls (fully submersible)

  • Caravans, Cars & Boats

  • Commercial properties hard floors, stairs & tiles

  • Domestic properties.

This machine is the most versatile scrubber around and is the perfect scrubber for cleaning caravans, cars and boats outside the home, but is equally adept inside the home and business for cleaning your tiles, stairs, skirting boards, hard floors, bathrooms and windows. The Motor Scrubber is battery powered enabling you to clean almost anywhere and with the wide range of accessories available, it can clean almost anything.

The head is also fully submersible letting the Motor Scrubber clean under water like swimming pools, boat hulls. etc.

The MS2000 comes with a powerful, high torque motor, a battery pack that lasts up to 4 hours on a single charge (charge time 8 hours), telescopic aluminium handle and a compliment of pads and brushes. Watch the video to see the machine in action

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The Motorscrubber MS2000 comes complete with:
MS4000 – Motor housing with yoke lock
MS3003-30 – Telescopic aluminium handle
MS3004n – New style Aluminium control handle
MS3001 – Hub
MS3006 – Hardware packet for yoke
MS3114c – New style Battery and harness complete
MS3009 – 5’ Coiled battery cord
MS1580 – Battery charger
MS1041 – Medium duty scrubbing brush
MS1046 – Floor pad holder (drive plate)
MS0002– 8inch Green fibre floor pad for scrubbing
MS0003– 8inch Red fibre floor pad for spray cleaning
MS0004– 8inch White fibre floor pad for dry buffing
MS0005 – Microfibre multi-purpose cleaning pad
Product Specification

Product Specification

part number ms2000
Weight 2.5000
Brand Motorscrubber
Brush Size 8" / 20cm
Domain domestic , commercial
Machine Type Rotary floor machine
Pad Size 8"_200mm
Part No previously ms1000
Voltage battery-12v
Warranties 12 months